gmail ads competitor

How to leverage your competitor’s subscriber list?

Using Gmail on a daily base? Then you’re one of the +1B users! You definitely already saw a Gmail ad in the header of your inbox. Imagine┬áthat you could advertise your service or product right there, when your potential clients opens an email from your competitor!

Why advertising on your competitor’s name or product is smart

You already know that they’re interested in your product or service, because they are in your competitor’s mailing list. If you have comparable services or products and you can offer a better price, you have a fair chance of winning your competitor’s clients over!

Convert your competitors subscribers right in their inbox

Through the use of clever copywriting you can piggyback on your competitor’s subscribers, or even convert some of them into checking out what you have to offer. This is a great opportunity for you to get in the inbox of your competitors readers and customers, so make sure you have a strong CTAs and interesting offers.

How to set up a Gmail ad?

You can set up a Gmail ad through the AdWords dashboard. Start by creating an ad in the display network only, choose the “no marketing objective” option with “all features” checked as well. Don’t interrupt your other campaigns by selecting a different targeting method. Select “placements” and target on only. Start targeting your ads wisely!