Eveline Smet

Eveline Smet – Growth Strategist & Managing Partner

Eveline started her career at BBDO as a digital strategist. She grew the social media department from 1 to 6 people. She and her team of copywriters and content strategists worked for clients like Masterfood, Pepsico, Belgacom and others.

Next, she started freelancing as a digital strategist for both corporates like Johnson & Johnson and USG People as startups like Campr. After four years as a freelancer, she decided to use her experience in data-driven marketing and growth hacking to found The Growth Agency.

Tanguy De Keyzer – Technical Marketer

After working in IT at big corporates for 10 years and running an SEO side business, Tanguy decided to mix his technical skills with his passion for marketing. He is our go-to guy when it comes to technical SEO, linkbuilding techniques, marketing automation, and so on.

This geeky guy likes to  code, build scripts, work with APIs and manipulate statistical data.  He also loves to automate sales processes and discover trends in customer behavior. Not your typical marketer, but a must-have in our team!

copywriter growthhacking

Christine Smeyers – Content Queen

Christine has always had a love for writing. After obtaining a degree in journalism, she worked as an editor for a couple of lifestyle magazines before discovering her passion for digital marketing and creative storytelling. As a real social butterfly, she explores the digital universe and writes engaging content for blogs, social media, newsletters, press releases, anything-that-is-writable and in her free time, even for her own fashion blog. She has only one motto in life: content is king queen!


Do you get excited every time you test a new tool you found online? Checking your analytics has become as common as brushing your teeth? Digital marketing with an emphasis on data is something you’re passionate about? Great! Mail to jobs@growthagency.co for a chance to join our team!