increase your Facebook Page likes

For those of you who run pages with over 100 000 page likes, unfortunately this won’t work for you.

Trying to reach more page likes on Facebook? There’s a simple, vastly underused and quick way to increase your Facebook page likes. And the best part about it? It’s completely free.

You do it by leveraging the likes your posts are generating: simply invite anyone who has liked your page’s post, but hasn’t liked your page itself yet.

How to invite people to like your page

Go to your page, and click on the number of people who’ve liked your page’s post. Now you’ve opened a list. Next to their names on the list, you’ll either find a greyed out button saying they’ve liked your page or a button that allows you to invite them to like your page. Simply click on the “invite” button to invite those who haven’t liked your page yet. Prepare your fingers to some long scrolling & clicking action.

Facebook invite people to like your page

Why should you invite people to like your page?

Because they’ve already engaged with your page. If they’ve “liked” something you’ve posted, chances are they will like other content you post, too. So it only makes sense to push them into the right direction and invite them to like your page.

Try to make a habit out of doing this every day or every other day. It’s recommended to do this as soon as someone has liked your post. And not a few weeks later, when that person probably doesn’t even remember anything about it anymore.