25 Apr 2018
Want to become a growth hacker? 13 free courses that will teach you growth hacking skills So you decided to onboard the growth hacking train? Great! Let’s set you up with the fundamentals of growth hacking. First off, data will be your holy grail. To become a growth hacker, you have to dive head first into your analytics. How else are you going to find out the ROI of a certain tactic you’re trying? Secondly: get rid of the idea of having to spend big marketing budgets to reach new customers. Start experimenting with low-cost tactics to find the right fit for your product. Where are your customers most active? What are they looking for online, that your product can help them solve? Think outside the box and get rid of your fear of trying out non-traditional channels. Last but not the least, live by the lean startup methodology. This process of rapid building, testing, measuring and improving your product is the cornerstone of the growth hacking mindset. Don’t spend too much time on building the “perfect growth hack”. Test an assumption you have, look at the data it provides and improve it by tweaking till you reach the point it’s driving growth on its own. Why does the world need more growth hackers? Did you notice the shift in the definition of products lately? In the past, products used to be defined as something you could touch, where many of them now exist out of bits and bytes. Marketing used to play a big role in the success of a product, but now, the roles seem to have been reversed. By leveraging your product the right way, you can create a self-perpetuating marketing machine! The product in its whole becomes more important than having a big marketing budget to promote it. If something’s wrong with the story your product tells, you’re most certainly bound to fail. Because of this shift, traditional marketing alone doesn’t do the trick anymore. A combination of marketing, data analysing and decent product understanding is the new requirement to launch a successful startup.. Or to keep on growing an existing one. Growth Hackers use these newly defined products and distribution channels to find technology-based innovation to pursue growth. You’ve definitely heard about the growth hacking successes of Airbnb. They “growth-hacked” Craigslist by cross-posting Airbnb listings to Craigslist, the centralized platform for online communities. With this hack, Airbnb pulled people to their own platform and later on converted them into paying customers. Growth hacking at its finest. Free courses to develop your growth hacking mindset today Excited to start growth hacking your business? Here’s a summary of 13 free courses that’ll help you obtain the growth hacking mindset. Marketing lessons Since traditional marketing is at the core of growth hacking, it’s essential to develop these skills to get a clear view of the fundamentals. Here are 2 great introductory courses to get you started. An introduction to marketing – Coursera This course covers three core topics in customer loyalty: branding, customer centricity and go-to-market strategies. Digital marketing course – Google This course is designed to educate you in the field of digital marketing. You can use this course as a self-study training pack. Growth hacking lessons Once you get these essentials covered, you can dive into more in-depth growth hacking guides. Learn Growth in 30 days – Growthmint This guide acts as a tool to help you navigate your own growth situation. You can find recommended books and courses, tips, examples and many more! What is Growth Hacking? – LinkedIn This is a great course to learn the elements that need to be in place for growth hacking to be successful, besides real-life examples and a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Growth Hacking. All of this in less than 2 hours! Data Analysis lessons Since Growth Hacking is super data-oriented, you need to develop some data analysis skills. Don’t drown yourself with too much data at the beginning, because data-overload burnouts are just as deadly as a wrong product. If you get a general idea of how to use your analytics platform and which metric you should focus on, you’re good to go. Digital analytics fundamentals – Google This course will provide you with the essentials to get your data-driven mindset going. Google analytics platform principles – Google Learn how to interpret your Google Analytics correctly and learn how you go through the dashboard of seemingly endless data! Ecommerce analytics: from data to decisions – Google Go from data to decisions by going through your ecommerce analytics. Mobile app analytics fundamentals – Google Struggling with interpreting your mobile app analytics? Get started with this step-by-step course! Lean analytics workshop – Udemy Remember the lean startup methodology mindset that’s one of the fundamentals of growth hacking? This workshop will guide you through the measurement part, to help you use your data to build better products. Introduction to databases – Stanford Databases host a huge source of information. These mini-courses presented by Stanford University will get you through the basics of developing a data-driven approach. Note: a solid computer science foundation will make these courses easier to digest. Coding workshops And last but not least, for the die-hards among you, we have the practical and low entry barrier platform – Codecademy. These hands-on courses will teach you how to build your first website, whether it’s an interactive one or not. And if you’re really dedicated, you can learn how to leverage APIs like growth hacking master Airbnb. Make a website – Codecademy During this very practical course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of web development. This includes HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Make an interactive website – Codecademy When you finish the previous course and can’t get enough of modifying websites to change their appearances. You can learn to add interactivity to your website by learning how to use JavaScript and jQuery. Learn how to use popular APIs – Codecademy You probably already heard something about the importance of APIs nowadays. Just look at how Airbnb developed their own API to growth-hack Craigslist. This course will teach you how to interact with the Twitter API and IBM’s personality insights API in order to analyze the shared traits between two Twitter users. Note: you’ll need a decent understanding of the Python programming language to be able to interact with the APIs. Now that you’re on your way to becoming a true growth hacker, start experimenting with the endless online tools that will help you reach the growth you’re aiming for.

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