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How to Create a Successful SEO Campaign in 2020

Eveline Smet

Founder & Growth Strategist

According to Statista, 57 percent of surveyed marketers said that on-page content is the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) method.

However, that’s only one of many strategies. Limiting your SEO campaigns can also limit your reach.

Instead, the right combination of SEO marketing strategies can help boost your website to the top of a search page. With that top position, you can reach even more customers.

Whether you’re an SEO novice or pro, you can create a successful SEO campaign to reach your target audience.

Here are 10 tried and true strategies to help strengthen your SEO campaigns.

1. The Need for Speed

To give your organic optimization a boost, you need to rev up your website speed as well.

Google prefers webpages that optimize the user experience. We don’t want people leaving your website because the page took too long to load.

Instead, delete unnecessary plugins that might lag down your website speed. You can also optimize your images. That way, they don’t take up as much storage space.

Make the user experience a priority when you design webpages. As a result, customers—and Google—will thank you with a higher ranking. 

2. Kick up Keywords

A strong SEO campaign relies on research. For the best organic SEO marketing strategy, think about your customers.

Remember, user experience is key. So what are your target customers searching?

Once you recognize their search intent, SEO is a lot easier. 

To give your research a little kick, try using Google’s keyword tools. These include Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

With these tools in your back pocket, you can choose keywords that are low-competition and high-volume. That way, you can optimize your content for the highest potential of traffic. 

3. Build Those Links

It’s not enough to write keyword-targeting content. Internal and external links are important as well.

Internal links send readers to other pages on your website. External links, however, send readers to other websites.

Another strategy for organic optimization is backlinks. These are links on someone else’s website that link to yours.

Try your hand at guest blogging. That way, you can provide informative content on someone else’s blog. Then, you can send those readers to your blog to boost traffic.

4. Check out the Competition

Search your target keywords and see what content already dominates the top of the page. 

That’s your competition. Go ahead and read their posts. See how they used the keywords.

Then, improve upon that content. Write your own blog post that leverages your experience and expertise. Be sure to make it your own. 

That way, your SEO campaign provides readers with fresh, unique content.

5. Quality, Not Quantity

As we mentioned before, Google wants unique, original content. However, that doesn’t always mean more content. 

Instead of focusing on quantity, keep your eye on the quality. Remember, Google wants to offer searchers an awesome user experience. 

Prioritize the value you can offer readers. When you provide them with strong, unique content, they’ll begin to recognize that value.

When customers see you provide content they can’t find anywhere else, they’re also more likely to sharethat content with their own audience.

If they have a blog, this can help you gain backlinks. If they have a big social media presence, this can help you attract new readers.

Either way, you’re upping your SEO game and getting more traffic to your website! 

6. Step up Social Strategies

Speaking of social media, why not leverage your own accounts? Share your blog posts on the platforms your target audience appears most.

You can also boost your SEO campaigns by making it easier for readers to share your content. This can include eye-catching social share buttons on each page. You can also add a tool that makes it easy for readers to post quotes from your article onto their feeds. 

Once readers start to share on their social media accounts, you can broaden your reach. As social sharing increases your website visits, Google will start to see how popular your post has become. 

7. Get Local

It’s not enough to use on-page SEO strategies. To add a little local SEO love to your campaigns, let’s go off-page.

To start, claim your Google My Business listing. Then, find any other listings you have on Yelp, Manta, White Pages, Yellow Pages, and other sites. Here’s a longer list.

Update your contact information (address, phone number, hours) so it’s consistent on each directory.

As a result, you can attract even more local love!

8. Share the Love

Speaking of love, reviews are another great way to excel in SEO marketing.

In fact, reviews also show as part of your Google My Business listing. That means you can take up more space on Google search pages. As an added bonus, reviews also improve brand trust and credibility. 

As some of your happy customers to share the love by posting a review!

9. Make it For Mobile

In addition to prioritizing unique, relevant content, Google’s SEO algorithm also focuses on mobile-optimized websites.

With a mobile website, you can ensure customers can see and interact with your website regardless of the device they use.

That way, even the smallest phone displays your content clearly. This also makes it easier for mobile users to convert from their phones.

That way, you’re not scaring off potential customers and still keeping up with Google’s favorite SEO strategies.

Here are the top questions marketers should ask about their mobile strategy.

10. Analyze and Optimize

Once you have your SEO campaign up and running, don’t leave it behind!

Instead, analyze your results. Check and see which pages are performing best.

This includes high page visits, low bounce rates, and high click-through-rates. For low-performing pages, optimize and improve your content. 

That way, you’re constantly stepping up your SEO game. 

10 Tips to a Stellar, Successful SEO Campaign

With this combination of strategies, you can develop a strong SEO campaign. As a result, you can reach your entire online target audience.

As you reach the top of search pages and increase website visits, you can also boost your sales!

Discover more effective growth strategies on our blog!

Questions? Comments? Ideas! We’d love to hear from you! do not hesitate to drop us a note 😊

Eveline Smet

Founder & Growth Strategist

Eveline is our founder and the one who eats strategy for breakfast. She is in charge of budgets, KPI’s and growth plans. During her high school years, Eveline was wearing baggy pants and listening to 2PAC & Biggy. We have proof. Just ask. If you ever catch her looking off into the distance, it’s either because she wants to order sushi or she’s hungry thinking of ways to increase your profit. She’s also the biggest victim of marketing. But the biggest office sweetheart.

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