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The Tale of the Gucci Store: A Lesson in Customer Prioritization

Eveline Smet

Founder & Growth Strategist

Imagine you’re managing a Gucci store. A group of teenagers and a lone, older woman walk in. Who do you attend to first? If you’re swayed by numbers, you’d naturally lean towards the teenagers. They’re exploring various products, spending a lot of time in the store, but they leave without buying anything. The woman, in contrast, spends a brief 15 minutes, requests a specific item, and leaves as a satisfied customer. This scenario underscores the importance of discerning the right data and not getting sidetracked by vanity metrics. It’s the first step towards identifying your High-Probability Purchaser Profile.

Qualitative vs Quantitative Data: Knowing What Matters

In the digital realm, your online store is teeming with visitors, some engage extensively but don’t convert, while others make a beeline for their desired product and purchase. This is where the distinction between qualitative and quantitative data becomes pivotal. High visitor numbers (quantitative) might be impressive, but knowing who actually converts (qualitative) is the cornerstone of effective growth marketing. It’s the qualitative data that helps shape your High-Probability Purchaser Profile.

Crafting Your High-Probability Purchaser Profile

We harness your data to sculpt your High-Probability Purchaser Profile. We delve into Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and your CRM system to craft a detailed profile of your most valuable customers. Our goal is to ensure that we target as close to 100% of your High-Probability Purchaser Profile before broadening our audiences. This approach ensures that your marketing efforts are laser-focused on the customers most likely to convert.

Case Study: International Business School in Brussels

Consider our client, an international business school in Brussels. Their High-Probability Purchaser Profile is an expat woman in Brussels, aged 34-45, browsing in English on mobile. She’s a European Commission employee, recently relocated to Belgium, has children aged 4-12, and belongs to the top income bracket. By focusing on this High-Probability Purchaser Profile, we ensured our marketing efforts weren’t squandered on mere browsers. Instead, we zeroed in on those most likely to become valuable customers.

Why Your Current Marketing Strategy Might Be Missing the Mark

If your current agency doesn’t have a vivid picture of your High-Probability Purchaser Profile, they’re likely not allocating your marketing budget optimally. Understanding and targeting your High-Probability Purchaser is not just a strategy; it’s a game-changer. It ensures your marketing efforts are focused, efficient, and most importantly, successful.


The High-Probability Purchaser Profile is more than just a marketing tool; it’s your roadmap to efficient and successful marketing campaigns. By identifying and focusing on the customers most likely to convert, you ensure that your marketing efforts and budget are utilized to their fullest potential. So, are you ready to unmask your High-Probability Purchaser?

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