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AI in Marketing Use Cases: A Deep Dive into 26 Groundbreaking Use Cases

Eveline Smet

Founder & Growth Strategist
Graph illustrating the growth of AI in marketing and various AI marketing use cases across different industries

Why would you care about use cases of AI in marketing?

Once a staple of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly morphed into a driving force for digital transformation, particularly in the field of marketing. Highlighting key AI marketing use cases, AI’s journey from conceptual musings to concrete applications mirrors a technological renaissance.

The McKinsey Global Institute’s prediction of AI’s $1.4 trillion to $2.6 trillion impact on marketing and sales underscores its transformative power, particularly through AI marketing use cases. In 2020, Salesforce reported that 84% of marketing leaders were harnessing AI, reflecting a trend that shows no signs of abating. By 2028, AI in marketing is projected to reach an astounding $108 billion market value. These numbers aren’t just statistics – they’re a testament to AI’s growing indispensability in crafting compelling, efficient, and innovative marketing strategies.

AI Marketing Use Cases:

Enhancing Personalization

Netflix’s Content Personalization:
  • Netflix’s AI algorithms analyze viewing habits and user interactions to recommend TV shows and movies, tailoring box art based on user behavior. This AI-driven personalization has been pivotal, contributing over $1 billion annually to Netflix’s revenue.
FARFETCH’s Brand Language Optimization:
  • Luxury fashion retailer FARFETCH uses Phrasee’s AI to test phrases, styles, and tones, personalizing email campaigns. This led to a 38% increase in average click rates, showcasing AI’s capacity to capture and adapt a brand’s voice to audience preferences.
Cosabella’s Social Media Personalization:
  • Using the AI algorithm Albert for digital marketing and paid search, lingerie brand Cosabella achieved a 50% increase in ad ROI and a 12% reduction in ad spend, reflecting AI’s effectiveness in content personalization.

AI use cases on Streamlining Operations and Efficiency

Volkswagen’s Predictive Ad Buying:
  • Volkswagen turned to AI for more accurate forecasting in ad buying, leading to a 20% rise in dealership sales and significant cost reductions, highlighting AI’s ability to optimize marketing spend.
Tomorrow Sleep’s Content Strategy:
  • Mattress company Tomorrow Sleep used MarketMuse, an AI-based tool, to generate impactful content, resulting in increased organic traffic and improved search engine visibility.

AI use cases on Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Whole Foods’ AI-Enhanced Shopping Experience:
  • Whole Foods introduced AI-powered ‘Just Walk Out’ stores, enhancing customer service through personalized experiences and gathering detailed shopping behaviour data for predictive analytics.
Mastercard’s AI-Driven Copywriting:
  • Collaborating with Persado, Mastercard leveraged AI to create more effective ad copies, leading to a 450% increase in click-through rates, showcasing AI’s prowess in enhancing engagement through tailored messaging.

Innovating Marketing Strategies

Heinz’s AI-Generated Imagery:
  • In their ‘Draw Ketchup’ campaign, Heinz utilized AI image generators for creative designs, resulting in a significant engagement boost and showcasing AI’s role in innovative marketing tactics.
Nike’s Emotionally Intelligent Advertising:
  • Nike employs AI to analyze the emotional traits of audience segments, creating ad content that resonates deeply with consumers, exemplifying AI’s role in developing emotionally compelling marketing narratives.

AI in Retail and E-commerce

Sephora’s AI Chatbot Shopping Assistant:
  • Sephora introduced an AI chatbot that guides customers through product selections based on personalized quizzes. This approach not only enhanced customer experience but also streamlined the shopping process, illustrating AI’s potential in retail personalization.
Ada’s AI Customer Support Platform:
  • Ada’s AI-driven platform has transformed customer support and social media engagement for brands like Air Asia and Indigo, automating interactions and creating a more engaging, responsive customer experience.

What Does the Future Hold for AI in Marketing?

As we conclude our journey through the world of AI in marketing, the importance of AI marketing use cases becomes crystal clear. The examples from Netflix, FARFETCH, Cosabella, Volkswagen, and others highlight the versatility and power of AI in transforming marketing strategies.

These cases show us how AI can personalize experiences for customers, make operations more efficient, and revolutionize the way we engage with audiences. AI in marketing is more than just a tool; it’s a game-changer that’s redefining the rules of digital marketing.

Looking to the future, it’s essential for marketers to understand and apply AI marketing use cases in their strategies. As AI continues to evolve, it will become a key differentiator in the marketing world. The next step for forward-thinking marketers is to integrate AI into their marketing plans, using it to craft more personalized, effective, and innovative campaigns. AI in marketing is not just about adapting to change; it’s about leading the way and opening new doors in the digital landscape.

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Eveline Smet

Founder & Growth Strategist

Eveline is our founder and the one who eats strategy for breakfast. She is in charge of budgets, KPI’s and growth plans. During her high school years, Eveline was wearing baggy pants and listening to 2PAC & Biggy. We have proof. Just ask. If you ever catch her looking off into the distance, it’s either because she wants to order sushi or she’s hungry thinking of ways to increase your profit. She’s also the biggest victim of marketing. But the biggest office sweetheart.

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