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My Internship Journey at The Growth Agency: Learnings, Laughs, and Lots of Growth

Antanina Tamila

Junior Growth Marketer
remote marketing internship

At The Growth Agency, we believe internships are game-changers. They bridge the gap between school and the real world. Our remote marketing internship program brings in talent from all over, including Malta. This diversity enriches our team and gives interns a full-on, hands-on experience in growth marketing.

We all work remotely, which means our remote marketing interns get a taste of the future of work. They dive into internal projects and real client work. They join brainstorms and learning programs, getting involved in everything we do.

Melina’s article, “My Internship Journey at The Growth Agency: Learnings, Laughs, and Lots of Growth,” tells her story. She went from studying International Business Law and Business Management to diving into growth marketing. During her remote marketing internship, she followed a course on AI, managed our social media, worked on copywriting projects, and contributed to strategy and creative campaigns. Her journey shows how classroom knowledge turns into real-world skills here.

Come along with us. See how learning, adapting, and growing with us can break down borders and cultural differences. This is what a global remote marketing internship is all about.

Embarking on a Growth Marketing Journey: My First Steps 

Joining The Growth Agency for a remote marketing internship was an excellent step into the world of growth marketing. I am currently studying International Business Law and Business Management at Westphalian University in Germany. I’ve always been fascinated by the field of marketing and envisioned diving into it professionally after graduation. On one hand, marketing demands constant creativity and innovation to develop unique campaigns. On the other hand, it provides access to international markets in a globalized world. Growth marketing is a forward-looking field where the use of big data and artificial intelligence plays a significant role and holds strategic importance for businesses.

The opportunity to gain practical experience during my studies caught my interest in working at an international company where I could collaborate with a globally located team on diverse European projects. Consequently, I embarked on this six-month remote marketing internship, which not only promised a deep dive into digital and growth marketing but also allowed me to live and work remotely from the beautiful island of Malta, adding a layer of personal experience to my professional learning journey.

Remote Work Experience: My Global Office in Malta

The Growth Agency offered me incredible flexibility to work remotely, which allowed me to choose where I wanted to experience my adventure. I decided to move to Malta to elevate my remote marketing internship journey to another level. Immersing myself in a new country with a culture different from my own was a chance to broaden my horizons personally as well as professionally. It was more than just making the first steps into my professional career—it was about shaping my global perspective and embracing the diversity of life through new experiences, environments, and people.

The flexibility of remote work meant I could choose where to work from. Whether I was enjoying the morning view from my balcony over the Mediterranean Sea or brainstorming with my colleague Céline at a café, our cappuccino sessions turned into productive bursts of creativity. The autonomy of remote work also taught me important lessons in self-discipline and time management. With tasks and deadlines clearly outlined, I was able to structure my days effectively.

Teamwork at The Growth Agency: A Culture of Collaboration

During my time at The Growth Agency, I had the pleasure of working with an exceptionally talented and diverse team. I thoroughly enjoyed the respectful work environment and the absence of a strict hierarchy, which made it easy to share ideas and collaborate. Everyone was approachable and eager to exchange knowledge, which not only made the workplace more inclusive but also greatly facilitated my learning. This flat structure made our projects run smoother and created a positive, productive environment where I felt encouraged to bring my best to the table.

From Content Creation to Market Research: My Key Roles at The Growth Agency

During my six-month remote marketing internship, I was involved in various projects and handled a multitude of tasks. Content is king in growth marketing, and at The Growth Agency, I was at the heart of content creation. I had the responsibility of brainstorming and planning the social media content calendar. Using Canva, I designed visuals and crafted captions for various social media posts. My role extended to writing and optimizing blog articles for SEO on WordPress, enhancing their visibility and reach.

Understanding the market and the competition is crucial, and my tasks involved using tools like SEMrush and Google Trends to conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis for various business plan developments. This research fed into the development of targeted business strategies and innovative marketing campaigns aimed at enticing new clients.

Another significant part of my remote marketing internship involved data analysis. I worked closely with the team using Google Analytics and PowerBI to compile detailed reports for our clients. These were crucial for our weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews, packed with calculations and comparisons to guide our strategies.

At The Growth Agency, I used various AI and video-making tools to transform blog articles into engaging video content. Additionally, I worked with technologies like ChatGPT to automate and enhance user interactions on our digital platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience while refining our overall content strategy through ongoing analysis of SEO and social media trends.

Academic Meets Practical: Professional Development During My Internship

The Growth Agency strongly encourages team development and ongoing education, which is why they supported and scheduled the GrowthTribe courses to be taken during work hours. This initiative was a fantastic opportunity for me to further my learning while actively contributing to the team during my remote marketing internship. I decided to take courses in “AI for Business,” “Growth Marketing,” and “Digital Marketing.” These courses were incredibly beneficial for me, as they deepened my knowledge about marketing and the significant role AI plays in this field.


I significantly enhanced my professional toolkit by developing a variety of hard skills crucial in the field of growth and digital marketing. By regularly using tools like Google Analytics and PowerBI during my remote marketing internship, I developed an understanding of the meaning of data for marketing strategies. I also refined my SEO and content strategy skills, learning to optimize web content that improved site visibility and user engagement. Additionally, I took charge of developing and implementing social media strategies, using platforms such as Canva and WordPress to craft engaging content that resonated with our target audiences. My ability to conduct thorough market research was bolstered through the use of advanced tools like SEMrush, enabling me to provide comprehensive competitor analyses and market insights that guided our strategic decisions during my remote marketing internship.

Expanding Horizons: Personal Insights and Growth

My remote marketing internship at The Growth Agency in Malta was a time of intense learning and personal growth. The challenges associated with living and working in a foreign country made me more confident and developed my skills in the English language. I learned the importance of teamwork and communication in an international, remote working space. Daily interactions in a multicultural environment significantly improved my intercultural competence, thereby giving me a better understanding of international communication.

Adaptability and flexibility were crucial as I navigated the fast-paced environment of a leading digital marketing agency. I learned to swiftly adapt to new tools and changing project demands, which allowed me to handle multiple tasks efficiently and to pivot strategies as needed.

Moreover, the remote nature of my internship and the global presence of our team sharpened my time management skills. Balancing deadlines across different time zones, managing a varied workload, and prioritizing tasks effectively were daily requirements that taught me how to optimize my productivity and ensure the timely delivery of projects.

Final Thoughts: Why Now Is the Time to Dive Into Your Growth Marketing Journey

Looking back, my remote marketing internship at The Growth Agency was more than an opportunity to grow professionally – it was a personal adventure that blended learning with exploration.

If you’re considering a remote internship and are curious about growth marketing, I say go for it. With the right mindset and the right company, you can turn any location into a vibrant office and every challenge into a new opportunity.

Transform Your Career with a Remote Marketing Internship at The Growth Agency


At The Growth Agency, we see internships as transformative experiences that bridge the gap between academic learning and the professional world. Our remote marketing internship program attracts talented individuals globally, including from places like Malta, enriching our team with diverse perspectives and offering hands-on experience in growth marketing.

Melina’s story is a testament to the value of our program. Transitioning from studying International Business Law and Business Management to growth marketing, she leveraged our remote marketing internship to deepen her expertise. She managed social media, undertook AI courses, and contributed to strategic campaigns, turning classroom knowledge into practical skills.

Living and working in a new country, such as Malta, adds a unique layer to their experience, promoting personal growth and intercultural competence. The remote nature of our internship program also hones their time management and adaptability skills.

Our supportive and collaborative environment, free of strict hierarchies, fosters learning and innovation, making our remote marketing internship a valuable stepping stone in any aspiring marketer’s career.

Are you also ready to start your journey as a growth marketer? The digital landscape is vast, and there’s no better time to start navigating it than now. Dive in, and let the adventures begin!



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Antanina Tamila

Junior Growth Marketer

Antanina is our vibrant junior growth marketer with an eye for detail. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing, blending her technical skills with a creative touch. Her love for Russian and Belarusian cuisine fuels her, and she enjoys exploring new flavors, often experimenting with dishes in her kitchen.
In her spare time, Antanina is an avid traveler, having lived in multiple cities, with Minsk holding a special place in her heart. She’s also a voracious reader, and “Red Pill” by Andrey Kurpatov has significantly shaped her perspective on life.
Antanina’s experience is wide-ranging: from redesigning websites and optimizing content strategies to managing social media campaigns for clients and creating engaging video content. She also has a knack for data analysis, using her skills to create reports that guide marketing strategies. With her adaptability and passion for growth, Antanina is a versatile asset to our team, bringing a fresh perspective to the digital marketing landscape.

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