28 Aug 2018
Choosing the best growth hacking agency to work with can be a difficult process. They all have different core skills and a different way of working. Because growth hacking is a relatively new field in marketing, a lot of growth hacking agencies are quite young and their experts can be inexperienced. That’s why it’s always good to check for credentials and to get to know the team that will be working on your growth.  Also ask for references: which companies did they work with? Do they have any social proof? Do you find reviews about them online? We recently got mentioned on Hackernoon in an article about the top 10 Growth Hacking Agencies in the US and worldwide. This really boosts our social proof. Thanks guys! Secondly, evaluating the methodologies that will be used to grow or scale your product or services is an important one too. Will the growth team you are hiring work independently? Or will they become a part of your existing marketing team? Do they work in your internal structures (which can slow down the process)? Can they use their own tools or do they have to use your existing tool stack? Aligning about these types of structural questions is crucial to getting up to speed quickly. A third important point is about measuring the progress and defining the right KPI’s for your growth hacking agency. When will the project be a success? Do you want more sales, better ROI or do you want to enter a new market? A specific revenue KPI is the best way to move forward for growth agencies. For instance, we need to generate 5,2M in sales with our digital channels by the end of 2019. With this KPI in mind, everyone can work towards the same goal: generating more revenue with the marketing budget that is available. All reporting can be done specifically with this KPI in mind and everyone will know how far or how close you are in reaching the target. At The Growth Agency, we focus on helping corporates and scale ups grow faster. Our main focus would be running growth experiments for these companies. This includes SEO, content marketing, marketing automation, CRO etc. We always work together with our clients for longer periods, minimum 9 months, so we can really become a part of their team. We try to include our client’s own employees as much as possible, from the experimentation phase until the implementation of successful experiments. Because transparency is one of our values, all our data and learnings are shared with our clients in a Growth Playbook, so that the marketing intelligence stays in their company and they can build on our experiments even after we would stop working for them. Our clients like to use this Growth Playbook as an internal business case and present this to C-level. We’re a lean & mean team of growth strategists, technical marketers, data scientists and SEO/CRO specialists.  We are working remotely from London, Malta and Antwerp for international clients. We have a strong focus on data and technical implementation and we don’t only touch marketing strategy, but also business strategy. If you are about to choose the best growth hacking agency for your project, we hope this info has helped you find the ideal partner in growth. We’re always up for a discussion about your growth challenges and how we would tackle them. You can get in touch with me directly at eveline at growthagency.co with any questions or feedback!  

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