Case Study

Brand identity redesign for a legal company

Graphic design, Brand identity


Ellul Schranz, based in Malta, is a dynamic legal partner providing global individuals and businesses with innovative legal, corporate, and tax services. Their dedicated team shapes the law to meet unique needs, offering tailored solutions that transcend borders.

E&S approached us to modernize their branding. Their existing logo no longer matched their forward-thinking vision. They desired a sleek, digital look that retained their traditional values while projecting innovation. Our goal: revitalizing their brand for a contemporary, cutting-edge feel.

Logo icon

The logo design incorporates a prominent Roman pillar, a powerful symbol of legality and law, ensuring an instant connection to the legal field. This iconic imagery is perfectly suited for an app logo, offering immediate recognition and association with the legal domain.

We’ve taken a modern approach by simplifying the pillar’s design and adding a gradient effect, giving it a sleek and contemporary look, perfectly aligning with E&S’s vision of a more modern and digitally-focused brand identity

Branding assets

We’ve seamlessly integrated our pillar supergraphic into a multitude of branding assets, including print materials, name cards, and more.

This consistent use of the symbol not only establishes a strong visual identity but also communicates our dedication to legal excellence and innovation across all touchpoints.

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