Case Study

Branding for a CBD metaverse platform

Graphic design, Brand identity, UI UX
Growth Agency with E&S


MellowGrow is a platform that aims to democratize CBD investment. They offer the opportunity to purchase land for CBD cultivation in Central Asia, promising guaranteed profits. Additionally, users can buy and stake WeedCoin to earn even more rewards and have the option to grow cannabis on a real-life farm to earn WeedCoin.

We executed a comprehensive branding campaign for MellowGrow, encompassing logo design, social media campaigns, promotional videos, and website development. Our goal extended beyond aesthetics; we crafted a compelling narrative that communicates trust, expertise, and innovation within the realm of CBD investment.

Brand Identity

Inspired by the shape of a marijuana leaf and the initial ‘M’ in MellowGrow, our design is styled with a hand-drawn feel, incorporating an earthy green color palette to create a warm and personal touch.

We also extended our design to packaging, including CBD bottles, gummies, and flower buds, using the same earthy color palette. Our primary focus was to create a design that conveys a sense of calm and relaxation, aligning with the soothing nature of CBD products and the overall well-being they promote.

Social media design

We designed MellowGrow’s social media presence to resonate with the tech-savvy market, infusing it with a sense of fun and progressiveness.

Our design approach was primarily vector-based, sometimes combined with real-life imagery. The overarching inspiration for our design and content was rooted in MellowGrow’s mission to democratize the cannabis business.


We developed the complete MellowGrow website, covering everything from the CBD plot purchase platform and user dashboard to the webshop and more

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