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Insurance Company SEO Case Study (132% Increase In Traffic!)

SEO Optimization
Europ Assistance Belgium


Europ Assistance, part of Generali, is one of the largest insurance providers in the world. The company offers travel insurance, cancellation insurance, roadside assistance and operates through 33 countries around the world. We are the lead digital agency for the Belgian market.


Our clients blog traffic was getting blocked by an outdated website architecture. This made it very hard for expert articles to grow in the google rankings.


Firt we started analysing the websites technical & behavioural ranking factors like: user signals, authority and content structure

This resulted in an SEO sprint backlog of 71 website improvements

  • 3 Critical architectural changes
  • 12 High priority SEO improvements
  • 56 Medium and small website improvements


By implementing our SEO Growth Framework we increased the client’s blog visitors with %132!

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