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-45% Decrease In Lead time Follow up using Marketing Automation

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-45% Decrease In Lead time Follow up using Marketing Automation


By implementing CRM & marketing automation, we decreased the follow up time on hot leads with 45%


SipWell is a sales driven SME. They rely heavily on incoming leads and have an inside sales team of five people ready to call all incoming leads with the purpose of booking a face to face sales meeting. Than a team of 8 outside sales visits potential clients with the goal to have them sign a contract for a SipWell watercooler & water pack.

The complexity of SipWell’s structure is that they work for both B2C as B2B clients, and as the market leader in Belgium, have to be able to move high volumes of leads through their sales funnel.


Our top priority was streamlining and digitising the sales process. First we made sure that every call the inside sales team did and email they sent, would be logged. We structured their sales workflow in a comprehensible overview that was easy to use for all inside sales agents.

We also made sure that we projected the sales pipeline. We know exactly how much sales are projected and we can act on these data if needed.

Lead scoring was also implemented. Each lead gets a custom score based on which info he or she has provided, which pages they have visited and how many emails they have clicked. Sales get a notification when a lead score exceeds a specific number, so they can immediately get in touch with the hot lead while it’s still relevant.

We have a few basic, but important automations in place. When a lead doesn’t pick up the phone after the inside sales wants to book a meeting, the lead gets an automatic e-mail that gives them the opportunity to schedule a sales meeting themselves. This way, leads that would initially be ‘lost’, still can be followed up on.

This simple mail is automatically signed off by the lead owner, with their name & contact details so they can get in touch directly.

The communication between inside sales and outside sales is also automated. When a meeting with a customer is confirmed, the outside salesperson that is responsible for the area the potential customer is situated it, gets the lead’s contact details and all information that they have ever filled in in one of our contact forms, so that they are fully prepared to ace the sales meeting!

Even practical information to the lead is automatically personalised, so they know who will be visiting them for a sales meeting, when they will be coming and they have a direct number to call to cancel or change the meeting if anything comes up. This way, SipWell saves hours per week of manually following up on leads and scheduling meetings.


The Growth Agency is not only a marketing automation partner for SipWell, we managed their whole marketing operations too. This means that we are also involved in creating lead generation campaigns via different channels such as social media ads, SEA, partnerships, influencer campaigns and inbound marketing.

By tracking all these campaigns in one tool, we can see exactly where our leads come from and what the ROI of our marketing channels is. We look at the customer acquisition cost per channel to define which channels are worth investing more marketing budget in.

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