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Increase customer centricity and revenue by implementing livechat

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Europ Assistance Belgium


Europ Assistance, part of Generali, is one of the largest insurance providers in the world. The company offers travel insurance, cancellation insurance, roadside assistance and operates through 33 countries around the world.

By installing an AI-driven livechat for our travel insurance client, we increased revenue via the web while decreasing the customer contact center workload.


Business isn’t limited to transactions. We rely on human interactions. As the online facade of your company, you have to gather data about your users to try and mimic the same smiling, handshakes and polite pleasantries customers receive when they browse, ask for help, and purchase products.

You also have to provide product guidance throughout the entire lifecycle in the form of onboarding, ongoing product use, renewal, and upgrading. In the insurance industry, we are dealing with complex products and we noticed that people with questions feel better if they are guided by a real person.


We created a chatbot with AI integration that has a different messages on different pages of the website, corresponding with different phased in the customer journey. The main goal of the AI function, is to reduce workload for the contact center and the helpdesk staff.

By reducing the amount of time spent on answering frequently asked questions, the helpdesk agents can invest their time in following up on leads and upselling on existing customers, which has a positive impact on the revenue.

We also use the chatbot to create more visibility around specific products and promotions for leads and clients who are visiting the website.


There is a 12% increase in conversion rate of leads who have used the livechat in their customer journey.

We are able to analyse incoming questions, allowing us to give us a better view on the decision making process and the content gaps. We used this information to create an extended FAQ section and to feed the internal knowledge management tool to further reduce the workload of the customer contact center.

We increased the overall revenue via web with 2%.


Increase in revenue via Web


Decrease in contact center workload


Increase in conversion rate


emails gathered in 2 months


increase revenue permonth


Conv. Rate Conversation to Purchase

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