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Website redesign for a legal company

UI UX Design, Web development


Ellul Schranz, based in Malta, is a dynamic legal partner providing global individuals and businesses with innovative legal, corporate, and tax services. Their dedicated team shapes the law to meet unique needs, offering tailored solutions that transcend borders.

In our initial assessment, it was quite evident that E&S’s website was in dire need of a makeover. The sitemap was a bit of a maze, the user experience (UX) left much to be desired, and the overall functionality was lacking. In this extensive redesign project, our primary focus was on elevating the website’s UX, ensuring seamless navigation, and providing users with comprehensive information tailored to their needs. Not to mention, the mobile view was, well, far from impressive.




We’ve undertaken a comprehensive redesign of the website’s navigation, focusing on creating a more user-centric experience.

We’ve introduced an intuitive approach where users are guided by personalized questions, tailored to whether they are individuals or businesses. These questions lead to distinct service categories, further refined based on the user’s industry sector.

For those who already know what they’re looking for, a simple service search option is available. Once a selection is made, users can validate their choice, which then directs them to detailed information about the selected service.

Landing page

On the landing page, we’ve reimagined it as an optimized funnel to provide users with a clear and concise overview of the company.

It starts with easy access to our services through navigation, followed by key numerical highlights about our company’s achievements. Next, we offer a brief introduction to the company and introduce our team of accomplished lawyers and accountants. Finally, we prominently feature a glowing testimonial from a satisfied client. Our primary goal is to establish trust with visitors upfront. We’ve kept the text large and highly legible while minimizing excessive information, as we understand that people often prefer quick and straightforward content.

Teams page

‘Teams’ page holds immense significance, as it’s where users establish a personal connection with the individuals who will be handling their business.

Trust is paramount in this context. Here, users can effortlessly explore E&S team members, categorized into lawyers and administrators, aligning with key service categories.

On the detailed team page, customers gain a comprehensive understanding of each E&S team member. This includes a holistic overview of their expertise, linked directly to their LinkedIn profiles, and detailed insights into their sector-specific experience and specialization

Service page

We’ve completely redesigned the Services page with a modular approach, ensuring flexibility to accommodate varying information and unique components for each service.

The journey begins with an attention-grabbing header, dynamically tailored to reflect the essence of each service. Directly beneath, a sub-navigation aids users in navigating the page, offering a glimpse of the page’s content and facilitating easy exploration.

Our reusable content blocks play a pivotal role, each featuring a concise service description accompanied by images that showcase our company culture, creating an inviting atmosphere. Further down the page, users will find sections dedicated to related sub-services, the dedicated teams working on these services, client reviews, frequently asked questions, insightful resources, and finally, prominent calls to action (CTAs). This comprehensive redesign aims to enhance user engagement and accessibility while presenting a wealth of information in an organized, user-friendly manner.

More pages

We’ve expanded our website by creating several additional pages to bolster user trust and address their inquiries

These include a Knowledge Base page, offering valuable information; a Jurisdiction page, detailing our reach and expertise; an Event page to promote E&S events and showcase attendee lists; a Book a Call funnel for easy consultations; an About Us page to introduce our team and values, and many more informative sections to better serve our users.”

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