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Defining a Growth Roadmap

Harnessing the power of strategic planning for business growth


At The Growth Agency, we specialize in defining a growth roadmap, a critical element for any business aiming for success. Our comprehensive services are designed to create a strategic plan that promotes your brand and drives your business growth. We focus on delivering real results that increase your revenue and impact your bottom line.

Our Approach: specific, manageable, and attainable

We believe in the power of a well-defined growth roadmap. Our team works with you to understand your business goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the specific steps needed to achieve these objectives. This approach ensures that your growth roadmap is not only ambitious but also manageable and attainable.

Understanding Your Customer

A crucial step in defining a growth roadmap is understanding your customer. We analyze your existing customer data and create buyer personas to ensure that your growth strategies are targeted and effective. Each customer is a potential source of growth, and we strive to engage them effectively.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Our team of experts will help you perform a SWOT analysis, identify growth drivers, and generate growth hypotheses. We then design and run growth experiments, learning from the results and adjusting strategies accordingly. This iterative process ensures that your growth roadmap is always optimized for maximum impact.

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What we do

Comprehensive Services for Defining a Growth Roadmap

Here’s everything you can expect when you are working with The Growth Agency.

  • Determining vision, strategy, and goals
  • Developing business objectives
  • Understanding your customer
  • Performing SWOT analysis
  • Setting clear outcomes for everything
  • Creating working strategies
  • Periodical review and adjustment
  • Communicating and updating your growth roadmap and action plan

Our Approach

Why choose us for defining your growth roadmap?

The right mindset

The right people with the right mindset are crucial for your growth challenges. We create a dedicated team of growth marketers for every client, ensuring personalized and focused service.

Data-driven approach

We believe in the power of data. We create a KPI dashboard to get a grip on your customer lifetime value and return on investment. This data-driven approach helps us optimize your advertising & marketing spend.

We get the job done

Your ROI is our holy grail. We don’t stop tweaking until we meet our KPI’s. Even if this means we have to dig deep. We are committed to delivering results that drive your business growth.



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We can typically start up a new project in 2 weeks.

Before we start, we will perform an analysis of your channels and campaigns, interview your customers, create an ideal client profile, have a growth marketing canvas workshop with your team, draft a KPI plan, create a channel & content strategy and finish your roadmap. This process typically takes 5 – 7 weeks.

We work with package prices that are tailored to your needs. The typical pricing of a growth strategy track will be between 5.000 € and 10.000 € per month.

You will see the first results within the first month. You can always access your data dashboard whenever you want. On top of that, we have bi-monthly status meetings where we run you through all the experiments and the results and define next steps and optimizations.

Customer interviews are a crucial part of our process. They help us understand your customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points, which informs the development of your growth roadmap.

A growth marketing canvas workshop is a collaborative session with your team where we map out your growth strategy. This includes identifying your ideal client profile, drafting a KPI plan, and creating a channel & content strategy.

We create a channel & content strategy based on the insights gathered from the analysis of your channels and campaigns, customer interviews, and the growth marketing canvas workshop. This strategy outlines the specific channels and types of content that will be most effective in driving your business growth.


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