Linkedin Advertising

Want to charm Loyal Customers Through Targeted, Precise LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn is the social media platform created especially for professionals.

Here, users deliberately (and quite readily!) share every last detail about their background, employment history, expertise, interests and place.

Businesses also reveal loads of data about their companies, like corporation size and enterprise sector.
Our results-focused, advanced digital advertising experts can use LinkedIn advertising to connect the right consumers and customers to your business. After all, pushing on LinkedIn is one of the most effective forms of B2B digital marketing available.

At The Growth Agency, we will build compelling, ROI-driven campaigns that generate real possibilities for exposure, revenue and growth for your business. We will help develop your trademark customised digital advertising strategies utilising a mix of conventional LinkedIn ads, LinkedIn video ads, LinkedIn text ads and LinkedIn sponsored content.

We will work beside your brand to:

  • Set pragmatic LinkedIn advertising goals based on your unique needs and budget
  • Identify the audiences and demographics your company needs to target
  • Build targeted campaigns that use the right content, images, video and visual content
  • Daily test campaigns to ensure our strategy keeps getting greater
  • Promote your brand test out new markets and audiences
  • Use our established B2B advertising hacks to encourage potential customers and clients to perform specific actions

When you work with The Growth Agency, you can expect:

  • Expert, in-depth strategy & execution
  • An accurate analysis of your industry competitors
  • Ad creation & various optimization
  • ROI measurements & optimisation advice
  • In-depth targeting
  • Continuous campaign tracking & monitoring
  • Regular campaign development reporting
  • Excellent campaign consulting
  • Easy-to-understand reports about what’s working and what’s not up to snuff

The Growth Agency is a Certified Linkedin Advertising Partner. We have much knowledge of operating successful Linkedin Ads campaigns over nearly every industry, and our organisation possesses significant certifications in Linkedin ads.

Patrick Van den Broeck

Group Marketing Manager on WDP

“Execution trumps perfection.They have proven to be an excellent strategy sparring partner and they know how to deliver qualitative execution. Together we keep on lifting our marketing to the next level and achieve great results!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With typically paid acquisition campaigns you can expect to notice results almost immediately

  • We usually charge on a monthly retainer—often, a percentage of your advertising spend (or a small management fee).

  • Many Linkedin ad companies use the same method to produce just-satisfactory results for their customers. This approach of Linkedin advertisement limits market growth and could take your company countless EUR in untapped revenue.

    At The Growth Agency, every client gets custom-built Linkedin Ad strategies. We’re constantly are investigating, experimenting, squeezing, and expanding that strategy to ensure you’re getting the best possible return on investment.

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