Marketing Automation

Automate the sales & marketing process so that a lead is easily converted into a client.


What does marketing automation mean to us

We’re tool independent

We’re not going to force you to use a tool that is not right for your company. We work as a tool independent partner. We have more experience with certain tools, but we can implement any marketing automation tool you choose.

The tool is never the solution

Having a shiny new marketing automation tool is not the goal, have more structured and optimised business process are. We’ll help you create impact on sales, marketing, management and customer service.

Continuous support

Once the tool is implemented, the fun starts! Your team needs to be able to work with it and you will optimise your reporting, your marketing campaigns and so on. We provide continuous support so that you can realise company wide integration.

Looking for a marketing automation agency that can help you with the following services?

  • Marketing automation comparison
  • Marketing automation tool recommendation
  • Marketing automation demo
  • Marketing process mapping
  • Sales process mapping
  • Data dashboarding
  • CRM integration
  • Marketing automation setup
  • Marketing automation implementation
  • Customer journey creation
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Landing page creation
  • Automated workflows creation
  • Data strategy & GDPR
  • Email automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • Roi analysis
  • Setup of automated reporting
  • Business process mapping
  • Marketing automation consulting
  • Marketing automation coaching

Marketing Automation Tools We Love Working With

Jos Fischer

Director Sales & Marketing on SipWell

"With the implementation of marketing automation, we get a clear overview of our whole sales funnel to get the maximum out of our B2B and B2C leads. The marketing and sales process is a lot more structured. Together with The Growth Agency, we’re building on our digitalisation. Although it’s a process full of trial and error, for us it has already been a success"

Take your marketing efforts to the next level with marketing automation.

Want to know if your company is ready for marketing automation?

Looking for a marketing automation partner?

Plan in a call to discuss your marketing automation challenges.

The mindset matters

We build a dedicated growth team based on the needs of every client. The right people with the right mindset will get to work on your growth challenges.

Data is what drives us

We look at the customer acquisition cost and the customer lifetime value to define the ROI of marketing campaigns and to optimise your advertising & marketing spend.

We get the job done

Your ROI is our highest concern and we will not stop until our KPI’s are met. Even if this means working extra days or hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can typically start up a new marketing automation project in 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Together with you, we will map the business structures. How does your sales team work? How is your marketing structured? Which tools do you use? We will also look at your requirements. Which functionalities are must haves and nice to haves? What about the budget, timeframe and expectations? With these questions, we can define the next steps we need to take.

  • The budget is relies heavily of the tool you are going to choose, the number of integrations that need to be made and the degree of customisation you require. A simple marketing automation tool can be implemented for 15K, while a complex tool implementation can cost as much as 200K. We will make an estimate based on your need.

  • The pricing of marketing automation tools is depending on a number of criteria like the desired functionalities, the amount of users in your database, the number of internal licenses needed and the number of messages that will be sent. We will guide you towards a tool that is the best fit budget wise and functionality wise.

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