Antanina is our vibrant junior growth marketer with an eye for detail. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing, blending her technical skills with a creative touch. Her love for Russian and Belarusian cuisine fuels her, and she enjoys exploring new flavors, often experimenting with dishes in her kitchen.
In her spare time, Antanina is an avid traveler, having lived in multiple cities, with Minsk holding a special place in her heart. She’s also a voracious reader, and “Red Pill” by Andrey Kurpatov has significantly shaped her perspective on life.
Antanina’s experience is wide-ranging: from redesigning websites and optimizing content strategies to managing social media campaigns for clients and creating engaging video content. She also has a knack for data analysis, using her skills to create reports that guide marketing strategies. With her adaptability and passion for growth, Antanina is a versatile asset to our team, bringing a fresh perspective to the digital marketing landscape.