LuxTag is an Anti-Counterfeit, Business Insights, and Customer Engagement solution provider, utilizing the power of blockchain, DLT, and IoT

Luxtag links products to the digital world using Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, and the Internet of Things technology, enabling assurances to supersede assumptions. This use case will mainly focus on 2 sections of the design which is the customer area. Customers are divided into 2, which are the web portal and the dashboard.

Def Studio

Customer portal

A customer portal is a website designed to give current customers access to services and information they need. The design of this customer portal is pretty straightforward. The main page contains a clear title with a link where users can see how the app works in general by scanning their product and we use simple video animation to show how the app works in general.

Customer dashboard

The main function for the customer dashboard is for user to easily manage their assets.

Users can easily claim a product, verify a product’s authentification, receive product ownership, and transfer product ownership. Those are the main function and that’s why we put it as the center of the dashboard where user can easily access.

Below it, we add the “assets” section for users to easily keep track of their registered assets, and activity monitor to track all the latest activity in the customer app.

Verify a product flow

Once the verify button is clicked, a pop-up showing how it works will be displayed, and then the user can have an option whether they want to scan a barcode with a camera or another option is to input the product code. If the product is authentic, the user can see the details of the product and its history of ownership if it’s not private, and if turned out it’s a fake product then the user will be directed to a page where they can report the product

Assets dashboard and certification page

The assets page is for a user to easily manage their assets, there’s also a tag system so user can easily categorize their assets.

Certification page is when users click then one of the assets then they can see the details which included the certification and history of the assets. History of assets containing a history of ownership and activity of the product for the user can leave a note there.

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