Every website has room for improvement. But how do you know your website optimisations are actually boosting revenue?  How do you constantly improve your website based on the data you have?

How can we improve clarity, reduce friction, remove distraction while increasing motivation, relevance and trust throughout the buying stage?


How to increase conversion rate for an insurance website?

  • We deep dived into the website with 12 users  to reveal 135 action points. 
  • We ran 14 different A/B tests and increased conversion rate for 57% of the experiments
  • 72 improvement points were added to 5 weekly sprints, to consequently boost conversion rate 
  • We managed to implement 42 “just do it’s” 
  • All experiments are immediately implemented with our CRO tool after discovering, so we could increase revenue while waiting for the internal developer to process the changes internally


After implementing all CRO experiments, we are seeing a +23% uplift in e-commerce conversion rate optimisation on our website.


ecommerce conversion rate
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