We got the chance to redesign 2 mobile apps for Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance, part of the Generali Group, is one the largest insurance providers. The company offers travel insurance, cancellation insurance, road side assistance and operates through 33 countries around the world. We are the lead digital agency for the Belgian market.

Europ Assistance

Service App


The EA service app has a complicated interface because of the outdated design, and we need to redesign it to align with new company branding

We redesigned the app based on the old structure to have minimal confusion for the current user. However, we took the chance to improve the flow to be more efficient. Right now, making a request for assistance has a much more transparent and simple process. 

We also added a few new features such as account profile so the user can easily check their insurance info, such as their coverage, contract, and can easily edit their data within the app.

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”9635″ img2=”9634″ before=”Before” after=”After” width=”100%”]

Slide left or right to see the difference

We redesign the app to look cleaner because mobile design should cater to the wants and goals of the user base. Simple, clean designs are a generalized and effective way to accelerate user habits to create the most holistic and satisfying mobile experiences for executing their goals.

Parking app


The main purpose of this app is to allow staff or EA guests to reserve a parking spot and to provide information related to Europ assistance office such as how to get there.

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