21 Apr 2018
I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough of digital marketing at college, so one of my New Year’s resolutions was to find an internship where I could put my knowledge and skills into practice. I started out in March by announcing that I was looking for an internship in digital marketing via a LinkedIn post and by changing my profile description accordingly.
After that, I spent a few hours every day visiting the profiles of marketing managers, creative directors, start-up founders, and recruiters. The idea was that they would see that I had visited their profile and that I was looking for an internship. It worked: I got more responses than I initially expected. I had planned out 2 weeks filled with interviews. This way, I actually got to meet and connect with some really interesting people in the digital marketing & start-up scene. This in itself was a valuable experience! After 7 interviews with some very interesting companies, I opted for The Growth Agency. The Growth Agency is a growth hacking & data-driving digital marketing agency. It’s founded in the beginning of 2015 and ran by Eveline Smet. I would like to share my experience at The Growth Agency. First, let me briefly introduce you to myself and the team I have worked with: About me
Before joining The Growth Agency, I had worked on several digital projects. Including digital marketing for a magazine and online community, writing for the marketing blog of my college, raising money through PR for a Kickstarter campaign and gaining publicity for a non-profit talent agency. My interests are digital marketing, social media strategy, content creation & FB advertising. Meet Eveline Smet, growth strategist & managing partner
Eveline is all about data-driven marketing. She knows how to set up a strategy with the right tactics to boost growth. She has a wide arsenal of tools and software at her disposal to speed up, automate and structure that growth process. She has helped grow some of Belgium’s most promising start-ups but also well-known corporate brands like SipWell, J&J, Nike, Pepsi, etc. What I’ve learned How to set up a growth plan & execute growth experiments I learned how to set up a plan to boost growth from scratch. The particular case I worked on was for an app that made it on the 2017 Disrupt 100 list. The goal was to acquire new users and increase the engagement of the current users. Together with the team, I did the research, created a competitor’s analysis and came up with a long list of growth experiments that could potentially increase downloads and app engagement. After that, I helped execute the experiments and made preparations to implement them in AppBoy. How to set up & execute a social media strategy I worked on social media for 4 different brands, including The Growth Agency itself. This included activities like researching, setting up monthly content plans, coming up with concepts and creating the content. My experience with visual content creation tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro came in very handy here. One day, Eveline & Helena asked me if I wanted to give a social media content creation workshop to a team of 3 content managers. I was surprised that they were prepared to give me this level of responsibility after only working there for a couple of weeks, but of course, I accepted the offer. To get me prepared, Helena gave me an intense crash course on how to run a workshop. Since she has spent several years as a consultant at a prestigious consulting agency, where she has given a lot of workshops, I felt fully prepared. At the day of the workshop, I was pretty nervous. It started off a little slow, but the team quickly started showing enthusiasm on the ideas I presented them and it ended being a very productive event. The client was happy with the results and so was I! However, here I also learned that your job isn’t finished after giving a workshop. You still have to communicate and guide the client through the process afterwards. How to organize and promote an event I helped with the promotion and organisation of the first Growth Stories Meetup. I learned that there’s more to organising an event of that caliber than I initially expected: promoting the event via various marketing channels, finding the right speakers for the panel, creating name cards, finding a photographer, selecting the right caterer, etc. And of course, everything has to be executed perfectly. The event itself sold out fast and turned out to be a success. I was grateful to be part of this event: I’ve never met so many interesting people in such a short period of time before. Copywriting & content writing I wrote a lot of copy for social media posts, newsletters and blogs on a daily basis. Other skills I sharpened up:
  • Project management
  • Communicating with clients
  • Creating & presenting slideshows
  • Improved my knowledge of various software and tools like Sharpspring, Eventbrite, WordPress, etc.

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