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Abandoned Cart Emails to Boost E-Commerce Sales

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Abandoned Cart Emails to Boost E-Commerce Sales


By creating a simple and effective abandoned booking mail, we increased the revenue with 1%.


People who are looking for travel insurance, are most likely to compare different providers. A lot of users on the website go through the funnel and fill in their personal details to get a quote, when they are still in the comparison process. These high quality leads have a big revenue opportunity.


We exercised a behavioural trigger called “the Zeigarnik Effect”. Uncompleted tasks stick in your mind more than completed ones. The process of reading a reminder about an unfinished order establishes a tension, which is relieved upon completion of the payment.


We created a simple, yet effective abandoned cart or abandoned booking mail to remind people that they still need to pay for their travel insurance in order to leave for their holiday with protection.


conversion rate


Annual revenue

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